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Shaping the youths!

I gave a talk to students at a local High-School this week. It was lost of fun, and the kids were very interested.


You can check the slides right here.

IMG_1609 IMG_1610

I had to give the talk five times in a row though, to five different groups of kids, which was pretty rough! The talk was very generic, I mostly tried to make sure they understand that there is a difference between playing games and actually making them; that game development is a real job, and a difficult one at that; but that it’s worth the effort because games are the best!

Many thanks to Derek Ritzenberg, the Game Development teacher, and Blake High School for having me. You should see the lab they have for the gamedev classes, it’s really nice. I wish my school had half as much infrastructure to teach game dev when I went through high school. The most amazing part was lunch time, the labs gets flooded in a couple of minutes with a ton of students, they sit at the computers with their lunch, and boot up Game Maker or Unity.

Derek told me that the parents have basically begged him to continue the class during summer for their kids, and he’s indulged. I think that’s just fantastic!


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