Monthly Archives: October 2015

Low Poly Terrain v1.1

[Edit: The new version is up on the asset store now] My Low Poly Terrain Asset is live on the Asset Store, yay! I’ve already gotten a good amount of feedback and feature requests for it, and so I am, in fact submitting a new version today. Here’s what’s on the menu: New Features Import Raw heightfields You can now […]

Building a Lab

Olivier and I have continued to work on our small bomb defusing game (current title: Bomb Squad Academy). We made a bunch of circuits, and then had a few friends try it out. The response was surprisingly good: everybody thinks there is some potential. My friend Dan’s kid couldn’t stop playing with it, although he mostly liked to set the […]

Making mountains over a hex Tile Map

In what will hopefully be a recurring series on the things I worked on the past few years, I thought I’d spend some time explaining how I made the mountains in Fireborne, and took the most advantage of Jonah’s fantastic texture maps.

Oh, this old thing?

I’ve been putting together a portfolio page. For one thing, I think I’m finally at the point where I can look at all the work I did on Fireborne and not just be overwhelmed by emotions, and just be proud of what we did manage to accomplish (well, mostly that, it’s still sucks not to have finished that game). And […]