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Bomb Squad Academy on Greenlight!

The small Game Jam that Olivier and I worked on a while back is now on Greenlight, and I’d love it if you took a second to check it out!

I’ve been chipping at the game on and off for the last year, in between contracts and other projects. Working on Bomb Squad Academy has been a very formative experience so far, because this games involves very simple code. Making this game, for me, has been about focusing on everything that isn’t programming, on seeing the project through. It’s been challenging, and I have found myself distracted so many times while working on it (as illustrated by this post here where I thought I could make an entire 3D environment for the game), but I think I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I expect to finish the game within the next couple of months, schedule permitting. Wish me luck!


  1. Torsten Löhn
    December 8, 2016

    Dear Jean,

    I am a Berlin based movie director joining here a Games workshop with Csongor Baranyai.

    One task was to choose one game and describe it to my workshop fellows. So I went to – and found your game – and I liked it very much! It is simple in a positive way and I like the reduced graphics – but the most how you put time-pressure on me.

    I liked the sound design and music, the Muzak off defusing and the tension score while defusing!

    Where can I find some additional information (I am NOT a game designer, do not know anything about programming/coding) so it should be rather basic…

    Thank you and all the best for you and your company

    • Jean Simonet
      December 8, 2016

      Thank you very much for the very nice comment! There isn’t a website for the game yet unfortunately, only the page. I am in fact trying to finish the game right now.


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