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Building a Lab


Olivier and I have continued to work on our small bomb defusing game (current title: Bomb Squad Academy). We made a bunch of circuits, and then had a few friends try it out. The response was surprisingly good: everybody thinks there is some potential. My friend Dan’s kid couldn’t stop playing with it, although he mostly liked to set the bombs off (he’s 8!).

Joel had some excellent suggestions! The main one being to give the game a bit more context. Context not just in ‘why you have to defuse the bombs’, it’s a game and players will accept it so long as you put a little bit of effort into it. No, context in terms of your character and this fictional world! Things like being able to choose your name, and gender, for instance, help a ton! As soon as you do that, *you* (the player) automatically fill in some of the context for what is going on. It’s very clever!

But also, to show your character’s lab/desk. Her environment, her homebase, so to speak. No need to make something fancy, just use the desk as a safe space in between missions.


So that’s what I started doing! I’m aiming for an early 2000s look. That way I can still have cell-phone bombs, but also use paper medium for bit of story telling (seeing the newspaper article after you save the school, that kind of stuff).

The idea is that the lab will change over time (not dramatically). And of course, you’ll be able to interact with do-ickies as well, Surgeon Simulator-style. It’ll serve as your main menu. When a mission comes in, the phone rings, etc… Controls won’t be the same, of course, they’ll be much more similar to the Hearthstone playing field: you click and things happen.

Anyway, it’s pretty exciting!

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