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New Asset: Back Button

I just submitted a new asset to the Unity Asset Store. It’s called Back Button, and allows you to do more with your mouse, like, for instance, use it’s back button!

Low Poly Terrain v1.1

[Edit: The new version is up on the asset store now] My Low Poly Terrain Asset is live on the Asset Store, yay! I’ve already gotten a good amount of feedback and feature requests for it, and so I am, in fact submitting a new version today. Here’s what’s on the menu: New Features Import Raw heightfields You can now […]

Low Poly Terrain soon on the Asset Store

Available soon: Low Poly Terrain on the Unity Asset Store! As part of some work I did for my friend Matt Scott over at The Department of Silly Stuff, I made a Low Poly Terrain system. Soon you’ll be able to use it in your own Unity Projects. I hope you enjoy it!