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Bomb Squad Academy on Greenlight!

The small Game Jam that Olivier and I worked on a while back is now on Greenlight, and I’d love it if you took a second to check it out!

More Coroutines

I just finished the follow up to my article on Logic over Time, and it’s all about Coroutines! Here is the abstract: Jean Simonet takes a deeper look at how new language features, such as Coroutines, Closures and Continuations can help game programmers write more robust and readable Gameplay and AI code. This is a follow up to his article […]

Featured article on Gamasutra

My article on logic over time got featured on Gamasutra’s front page, awesome! Here is the abstract: Game programmers write state-machines all the time, and yet the way we do it is often un-intuitive, over-engineered, or prone to mistakes. There is a better way, one that takes advantage of the new features of our game programming languages. Check it out, […]

New Asset: Back Button

I just submitted a new asset to the Unity Asset Store. It’s called Back Button, and allows you to do more with your mouse, like, for instance, use it’s back button!

Building a Lab

Olivier and I have continued to work on our small bomb defusing game (current title: Bomb Squad Academy). We made a bunch of circuits, and then had a few friends try it out. The response was surprisingly good: everybody thinks there is some potential. My friend Dan’s kid couldn’t stop playing with it, although he mostly liked to set the […]

Making mountains over a hex Tile Map

In what will hopefully be a recurring series on the things I worked on the past few years, I thought I’d spend some time explaining how I made the mountains in Fireborne, and took the most advantage of Jonah’s fantastic texture maps.

Oh, this old thing?

I’ve been putting together a portfolio page. For one thing, I think I’m finally at the point where I can look at all the work I did on Fireborne and not just be overwhelmed by emotions, and just be proud of what we did manage to accomplish (well, mostly that, it’s still sucks not to have finished that game). And […]

Red or Green?

A couple weeks ago, I stayed at Olivier‘s for a week, and among other activities, we decided to participate in the One Game a Month challenge. The subject for September was “30 seconds”, so Olivier and I went with the obvious reference to Hollywood action movies: a bomb defusal game! We spent a few days on it back then, and are […]