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Low Poly Terrain v1.1

[Edit: The new version is up on the asset store now]

My Low Poly Terrain Asset is live on the Asset Store, yay! I’ve already gotten a good amount of feedback and feature requests for it, and so I am, in fact submitting a new version today. Here’s what’s on the menu:

New Features

Import Raw heightfields


You can now import RAW heightmap files from World Machine or your favorite terrain generation tool. Both Raw/R16 (16-bit integers) and R32 (32-bit floating points) are supported. There is now a drop-down to let you pick your favorite method.


The editor will try to determine the size of your map automatically, based on the size of the file. Currently, only square maps are supported.

Custom LOD Distances


You can now set LOD transition distances by hand, instead of using the default multiply-by-2 values.


Additional Materials


If your game still uses legacy shaders, or you want a little bit of extra performance on mobile, you can replace the default terrain materials with Legacy/Diffuse or Legacy/DiffSpec versions. The materials come in pairs, of course.

On the Surface Pro 2, for instance, switching to the diffuse materials made the demo scene go from 35 FPS to 42 FPS, a 20% increase!

Other improvements

  • Added the ability to turn shadow casting on, although the shadows flicker during transitions. There are still issues with this though
  • Improved tessellation of quads so that the seam follows the source terrain as best as it can
  • Reduced the length of the chunk squirts, they really only needed to be as big as the potential difference between one LOD level and the next.


  • Fixed Collision mesh not matching render geometry properly. Added option to force consistent triangulation.
  • Fixed transitions popping through fog and water planes


  1. Andrew Clarke
    December 18, 2015

    Just Brought it! going to test now!! looking forwards to this, im a noob I love low poly games, im going to recreate a game i played on the arch 3010 when i was 9 years old called lander or virus..

    • Jean Simonet
      December 18, 2015

      Awesome, let me know if you run into any issue!
      And if it ends up working well for you, I can always use a good rating on the store 😉

  2. Luís Boldt
    February 17, 2016

    Hello , I just bought this asset and I’m having a little problem in the transition between the LODs.
    It quickly changes to white and then disappears.
    DO you know what that could be? Some problem with the materials maybe?

    • Jean Simonet
      February 17, 2016

      That sounds like the problem yeah, let me reach out to you by email, and we can try to work the issue out.

  3. Erick Xavier
    March 4, 2016

    Hi Jean,

    Before I buy your asset, I need to know if I can generate the low poly in runtime. I have a infinity voxel terrain generator, city generator stuff like this. I need to know if the “generate” can be called from my main script instead of the default “generate button”.

    I’ll be waiting your answer through email! 😉


    • NoobStudios
      December 8, 2016

      Need an answer to this.

  4. Jimmy
    March 23, 2016


    Sorry if this was replied somewhere. Is is possible to use the terrain to create terrain dynamically from the script, ie. using Perlin noise or other methods.


  5. Aaron Benjamin
    May 23, 2016

    Any chance you could get this onto unreal engine 4? Or talk me through a way I could get the same look?


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