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P4Connect - Perforce Integration for Unity

I wrote P4Connect back in 2013 (back then I called it UnityP4). It has since been graciously taken over by Perforce themselves, and you can now download it for free!

Back Button


Unleash the power of your mouse with Back Button – a full-featured history and favorite system for Unity that lets you actually you your mouse Previous and Next buttons! That’s right, just like in the explorer or your favorite navigator!

Low Poly Terrain

Low Poly Terrain - Make Hard-edge terrains in Unity

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Low Poly Terrain is a simple-to-use asset for generating faceted, hard-edge, low-poly terrains in Unity.
It is primarily targeted at importing height and color maps from your favorite generation/painting tool, such as World Machine.

 Fantastic Fires

Shader-based fire effect for Unity
A shader-based fire effect for use in your next Unity game, desktop or mobile!