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Low Poly Terrain soon on the Asset Store

Available soon: Low Poly Terrain on the Unity Asset Store!


As part of some work I did for my friend Matt Scott over at The Department of Silly Stuff, I made a Low Poly Terrain system. Soon you’ll be able to use it in your own Unity Projects. I hope you enjoy it!

Try Again?

If you’re one of the two people who used to check out this blog (Hi Chris!), you’ll be surprised to see that most of the articles are gone…

I’ve been going through a bit of a reboot recently. A few months ago, I put an end to our struggling indie game project Fireborne (us being Me, Olivier Basille and Jonah Lobe). I’ll probably write about that experience at some point, but for now, I want to get back to updating this website. A lot of the posts where just automated build updates anyway, so it doesn’t hurt all that much.

I will bring back some of the projects I posted on here in the past, such as the Jenkins Build System integration, or Perforce in Unity, but I think on the whole, this will become a much more personal website. I’d like to post things other than progress updates, or even video game stuff. Time will tell how well I do… but for now, enjoy the rebranding (original, I know!) and the open space. 😉